The Whistle to Carry USSA Kids Content

2013-12-18 09:52

PARK CITY, UT (Dec. 18) – The next generation of sport fans will have a new opportunity to be a part of Olympic season skiing and snowboarding action this year through content on The Whistle, a leading digital media platform for teen and younger sports fans. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association will join a long list of key sports leagues like the NFL, NASCAR and PGA, providing short-form, kid friendly sports action and features from the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing on The Whistle. The partnership will give Whistle viewers inside access to the sport, its athletes, their training and accomplishments.


  • The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, the National Governing Body, or league, for Olympic skiing and snowboarding, is partnering with The Whistle to bring action sports content to the popular digital media platform for teenaged and younger sports fans.
  • The USSA will provide a wide range of event and athlete feature content from the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing to The Whistle with a focus on elite athletic programs, sport science and medicine, national development systems to create the next generation of great athletes and education.
  • The Whistle is a new digital distribution platform that aggregates, curates and develops sports content for a young fan’s perspective, developing kid-friendly short form sports content specifically for the next generation of sport fans, primarily targeting kids ages 6-16. It began content distribution in 2012.
  • The USSA will be an equity partner in the company and produce content including event highlights and athlete features – all produced specifically for the youthful Whistle audience in mind.
  • It is the first media partnership specifically targeting the USSA’s youthful market, with over 50% of its athletic membership less than 13 years old.
  • The Whistle has gained significant acclaim since its January 2012 launch, becoming a platform for top sport leagues like the USSA to carry content specifically produced for younger audiences. The Whistle aggregates, curates and produces sports content targeting a younger sports fan’s perspective.
  • Other professional leagues and associations that are equity holders in or content partners with The Whistle include the NFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR, Major League Lacrosse, US Soccer, the Harlem Globetrotters and Alli Sports.
  • Distribution platforms for The Whistle content include television, web, YouTube, mobile and other outlets.
  • The Whistle’s executive team includes founder and CEO John West, a successful entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold multiple companies; co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Urban, a former SVP of Sports Marketing at Gatorade; Brian Diamond, a former SVP of Production at Spike TV and MTV; Julie Kikla, a founding member of the YouTube Sports team that leads digital efforts; and EVP Brian Selander, a former management consultant and public policy advisor.

Eye in the Sky
Whistle viewers will get a birds eye view of Team athletes in POV action on the tour through use of helmet-mounted GoPro cameras with athletes following up with Skye commentary as athletes personally describe their runs.

Fans will get insider tips, tricks and stories from the top athletes in their sports from how they wax their skis and boards, to who has the biggest head and the biggest helmet to fill, plus what physical advantages hurt you or help you.

Chairlift Trivia
Chairlifts are a great spot to meet people or challenge your buddy with trivia. In this GoPro segment, top athletes challenge each other with trivia related to each others’ backgrounds or athletic achievements.

Stomping Grounds
Every ski or snowboarding superstar got their start the same way, skiing or riding to have fun. Stomping Grounds takes a look at where athletes grew up and how they got their start.

The ‘i’ View
Team athletes get to ski and ride in the coolest places worldwide. In the “I” View, athletes share their own personal video experiences from that week’s globetrotting.

Michael Jaquet, Chief Marketing Officer, USSA
Since its launch, The Whistle has made a strong impact on kids with content developed to match their interests as the next generation of sport fans. We know our skiing and snowboarding athletes have tremendous appeal to the teen sports market and feel very confident this partnership for The Whistle and in bringing the story of our great Olympic sport heroes to kids. The Whistle team has opened a unique and exciting door in to a market and we are proud to join the great family of brands and content partners at The Whistle.

Jeff Urban, Co-Founder, The Whistle
This new partnership gives us direct access to some of the most compelling and colorful individual athletes you will find in any sport. It also gives millions of young fans the chance to be inspired by and instructed in the individual strength, skill and commitment required to perform at USSA levels.


About the USSA
The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) is the national governing body of Olympic skiing and snowboarding. It is the parent organization of the U.S. Ski Team, U.S. Snowboarding and U.S. Freeskiing. Developed to facilitate participation in national and international competition, the Olympic sports organization provides structure for competitive skiing and snowboarding. From grassroots programs to governance of sport, management of rules, competitions and athletic rankings, the USSA oversees athletic pipelines for development in the sports. With a vision to make the USA the best in the world in Olympic skiing and snowboarding, the USSA provides leadership and direction for tens of thousands of young skiers and snowboarders who share an Olympic dream while maintaining a strong adherence to core values. The USSA, established in 1905, operates out of the national training and education facility, the Center of Excellence, in Park City, UT.

About The Whistle
The Whistle is the first sports network and community that entertains, inspires and equips the new generation of fans and athletes. Pro sports, curated content, fitness & nutrition, sports science & math, games and insider access to professional athletes are delivered across all the media platforms where digital natives live today. Its owners and investors include sports heroes such as Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Tim Wakefield, media pioneers including former heads of Nickelodeon and MTV, and league partners like the NFL, PGA Tour, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Major League Lacrosse, U.S. Soccer and the Harlem Globetrotters. For more information, go to About.TheWhistle.Com.



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