Mandatory Course for Non-Certified Coaches Next Season

Coaches Education
2012-02-21 16:38

Starting in the 2012/13 season, USSA member coaches who are not certified will be required to complete a new Fast Start Coaching Course before their membership will be activated. This new course is designed to give coaches core tools and resources for coaching skiing and snowboarding to assist them in their coaching.  The course will be taken on-line and will be around one hour in length.  It will be a great way for coaches to gain greater knowledge specific to their USSA coaching role in a convenient way that will allow them to explore areas that interest them in more detail.  The USSA Fast Start Coaching Course will be available this spring.

Current coaches looking to become certified that take a Level 100 course this spring or summer will not need to take the Fast Start course if certification is completed before renewing membership.  Look for Level 100 course information for your sport:


Here are some USSA Fast Start course FAQs.

Q: What is the USSA Fast Start Coaching Course?

A:  It is an on-line course designed to provide the ski or snowboard coach with essential tools they can apply with their sport knowledge to guide their athletes toward more success and enjoyment in skiing or snowboarding. The course also helps coaches to understand the USSA athlete development model and age-appropriate training and to familiarize coaches with the concept of safe sport.

Q: Who needs to take this course?

A:  It is mandatory for any new USSA member coach and all renewing coaches who are not already certified.

Q: Why do I need to take the USSA Fast Start Coaching Course?

A:  You have a profound impact on each skier or rider you work with. Every level in the development of an athlete is important. Whether you will be volunteer coaching a few times in a season or coaching full-time, you will want to be prepared to make the most positive impact on your athletes as possible, and this course has been designed for that purpose.

Q: What are the details of the USSA Fast Start Course?

A:  The course is completed on-line and will take approximately one hour. The coach will be asked multiple choice questions to confirm their knowledge of the topics. The course directs the coach to many useful websites and supporting documents that they can retain for future reference. The coach will be able to leave the course and return where they left off.

Q:  Is a coach who completes this course "certified", and do they need to complete continuing education every two years?

A:  No, coaches must complete the Level 100 requirements for their sport in order to become certified. A coach who has not started on the certification track, by attending a Level 100 course, will need to complete an on-line Fast Start Update course every two or three years.  This update course will include current safe sport guidelines and sport coaching updates.



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