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HKD Snowmaking re-signs contract with USSA as the U.S. Ski Team's Snowmaking Supplier.

OFFERS A 20% discount to USSA CLUBS

USSA athletes and clubs will continue to have world class training conditions thanks to HKD Snowmaking who re-signed as the official snowmaking supplier of the U.S. Ski Team through 2019. HKD is responsible for snowmaking at the U.S. Speed Center in Copper, CO. The Speed Center provides athletes with world class early season training largely possible through HKD Snowmaking's commitment to USSA and its athletes.

HKD Snowmaking also partnered with USSA to create the "White to Gold" program. The program is designed to help USSA member clubs improve the reliability of their training conditions through improved snowmaking.

Through this program HKD Snomaking offer 20% off all HKD Snowmaking equipment to USSA Clubs! This extends the USSA - HKD partnership to the club level and helps support athletes and clubs achieve their goal of Best in the World. For more information about the White to Gold program click here. WHITE TO GOLD FACT SHEET


Brian Krill, USSA Club Development Manager
This special offer helps provide some real value to USSA member clubs. Essentially, any program looking to invest in a capital project for snowmaking or venue improvement can start with a generous donation from HKD through this discount. In working with a resort, the club can bring this to the table.

Charles Santry, President, HKD Snowmakers
We at HKD Snowmakers are honored and excited about our continuing partnership with USSA, and the introduction of our White to Gold Snowmaking program. This program allows USSA and HKD to assist member clubs, their families, and the resorts where they train by providing affordable snowmaking technology to ensure the best possible snow surface for our nation’s young athletes.

About HKD Snowmakers

HKD Snowmakers was founded in 1991 by Herman K Dupre (HKD), his fourth daughter Anni, and his son-in-law Charles Santry.  The company’s initial product was the HKD Standard snowgun developed by Herman at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Champion, PA.  Herman and his wife, Sis, raised nine daughters who all embraced skiing and ski racing at a young age. HKD Snowmakers has continued to develop innovative snowmaking products focused on operational ease, longevity, and the fundamental economics of snowmaking.  Today, the HKD product line includes the HKD Impulse tower, HKD Fan gun, and HKD KLIK automatic hydrant. HKD Snowmakers also offers engineering and system planning solutions. 

 For more information about HKD Snowmakers visit their website

Athlete Management Platform for Clubs

AMP Sport is an athlete management platform developed with the High Performance Department of the USSA and the U.S. Ski Team.

This amazing resource is now available to all USSA Clubs.

USSA Club AMP Fact Sheet


2014 Club Excellence Conference

Thanks to all the participants, presenters and club leaders who attended the 2014 Club Excellence Conference.

Click here to see what you missed!


First Annual National Club Day a Huge Success!


RallyMe - New fundraising tool for Clubs



In July 2013, RallyMe became the “Official Crowdfunding Platform” for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association. From raising $1,500 to $50,000 USSA clubs and individual athletes are using RallyMe to support their athletic goals or meet their organization’s financial demands. is a fundraising site for ANY athlete, team, and athletic organization. RallyMe is part of a new industry called crowdfunding that takes an old idea (many people contributing a small amount to accomplish a big goal) and merges it with the power of social media and networks.


Clubs can use RallyMe to raise money for a multitude of purposes: buying a new piece of equipment, funding an athlete scholarship program, or even a capital campaign project. Women’s Ski Jumping USA, for example, used RallyMe to sell tickets to its annual gala benefit and ended up capturing 40 percent more in outright donations than in previous years. The club exceeded its online crowdfunding goal by $8,000.


Free to set-up and start using. No membership costs. • You only pay if you succeed (8% on funds raised.)


1. Respond to the email invite: You will soon receive an email invitation that offers the chance to have your club represented on the USSA Partner Page on RallyMe. You also will have your own Partner Page that would include any of your individual club members who run a Rally, see example:

Just reply to the RallyMe invite with the information requested (logo, URL, description, contact name). If you don’t see this invite, simply email Whitney Childers at

2. Start a Rally: Now you are able to Start a Rally for your club and raise money. Go to and click on “Start A Rally.”

3. Build your Rally: We’ll take you through the easy steps to creating your online campaign. We provide everything from email and social media templates to video tips, swag ideas, and keys to a successful fundraising Rally. Check it out:

PLAN & PROMOTE 1. Customized plan: Thanks to RallyMe’s partnership with USSA, we’ll create a customized plan

to promote and run your Rally complete with an easy to-do list for staff, volunteers, and members.

2. Prime the pump: Once you’ve completed your Draft Rally, you can tee-up your network of supporters and get them prepared to pledge support the day you Go Live with your Rally.


RallyMe’s mission is to help Fund Winners through the power of crowdfunding. Our message is gaining national momentum. Rallies have been featured and included in stories in USA Today, FoxSports,, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, and Denver Post.


Most USSA ski clubs are registered 501c3 nonprofit organizations. If the Rally is set up to accept donations by and for the club, these gifts may be tax deductible. When setting up the Rally, USSA clubs that are 501c3 nonprofits will see and choose this:

I am a 501(c)3 non-profit You certify that you are a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization (or are conducting your Rally through a third-party tax-exempt organization). The financial account that receives funds through your Rally must be in the name of this non-profit organization. It is your responsibility to provide Boosters with any receipts that may be required for them to claim their contribution as tax deductible.

“Boosters” (what RallyMe calls donors and contributors) will then see a "501 icon" on the page. The club has represented to RallyMe that they are a tax-exempt charitable organization as defined by section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, the contribution may be tax deductible. RallyMe does not verify this representation nor does RallyMe warrant the veracity of the claim. Any receipts that may be required for tax purposes are the sole responsibility of the Club/Rally owner.


Yes! Absolutely, and this is one of the most effective uses of RallyMe. However, these gifts are NOT tax deductible in most cases, and should not be set up under the official 501c3 status. The club can help set up, manage, and maintain the Rally for individual athletes, but cannot offer the tax-deductible benefits in relation to those gifts because it is a donation to an individual not the 501c3 nonprofit organization.

There are some creative and legitimate ways to set up campaigns such that gifts can be restricted to existing programs with open criteria (such as scholarship funds, special projects, etc.) that certain individuals have qualified for. In these cases, thereby, the gift is to the organization (a budgeted organizational program) not the individual, but directly benefits particular individuals.


USSA Clubs and individuals should keep in mind that tax deductions are not typically a big motivation for the type and size of gifts solicited through a RallyMe campaign (especially ones for individuals) – so don’t get too hung up on these technicalities. If there is question, just set up the campaign without involving official 501c3 status.

On another note, often businesses want to support Rally Me campaigns for individual athletes. In many cases businesses will get as much “tax benefit” by booking this as a legitimate “marketing expense” (comes off their bottom line) as they will by getting a “charitable gift deduction.”


If you have more questions regarding these legal parameters contact your legal counsel or the USSA Club Development Manager, Brian C. Krill at


Call or email Whitney Childers at or 801-503-6099.


USSA Hires Brian Krill as Club Development Manager

The USSA has hired Brian Krill in the new role of Club Development Manager. Brian will focus specifically on providing education and resources for current and prospective USSA clubs. He will also oversee a new club certification process, designed to assist clubs in making an internal and external review of their organization and performance and to recognize programs that have systems in place for sustainable success toward their mission. For more information about Brian, click here.



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