Absolute Risk Gives Bode Miller Win

2011-12-02 14:21

BEAVER CREEK, CO (Dec. 2) - Bode Miller (Franconia, NH) took maximum risk, but skied a flawless run to take his 33rd career Audi FIS Alpine World Cup win on the Birds of Prey downhill in Beaver Creek by a slim .04 margin over Swiss Beat Feuz. It was an historic third win for Miller in the Birds of Prey downhill and his first at Beaver Creek since 2006 when he and teammate Daron Rahlves (Sugar Bowl, CA) went one-two. Ted Ligety (Park City, UT) was the next American in 22nd as four Americans finished in the top-30 points. Hours later, Lindsey Vonn (Vail, CO) captured a downhill win in Lake Louise, ALB to create the first time two Americans had won downhills on the same day since Dec. 2004 when Miller won in Beaver Creek and Vonn (then Kildow) captured the first win of her career in Lake Louise.

Sunday, Dec. 4 - 1:00 p.m. ET - NBC


  • 33rd career Audi FIS World Cup win for Bode Miller
  • 3rd win in Birds of Prey downhill (2004, 2006)
  • First World Cup win since Wengen, Switzerland super combined in Jan., 2010
  • First World Cup downhill win since Kvitfjell in Mar., 2008
  • Ted Ligety was 22nd with Marco Sullivan 28th and Erik Fisher 29th
  • Last time the U.S. Ski Team doubled up with two downhill wins in one day was Dec. 3, 2004 when Bode Miller won on Birds of Prey and then Lindsey Kildow won her first World Cup in Lake Louise


Bode Miller
"I love to ski the way I did today. When I came across the finish line I was 100% satisfied, and it's great to have it coincide with a win."

"It was tactics - being able to commit to taking that kind of risk. It's really demanding on this hill. You see how tight the course is. If you try to back off in any spot, a few tenths can slip away from you and I didn't back off anywhere. I had my foot on the gas the whole time."

"At the start today I was pretty nervous because I knew that in order to beat these guys and try to give myself a chance to win, I had to take a lot of risk, and that's something that as you get a bit older, gets a bit tiring to fight that battle."

"If I could set up the Birds of Prey on my own and just run it all the time I would ditch the World Cup. It's a pleasure to do."

Ted Ligety
"I feel like I had a good run - I'm never going to be fast in that top flat, I don't think, so to be eight tenths out up there is kind of a bummer, but I feel like I skied really well."

Sasha Rearick - Alpine Men's Head Coach
"Bode skied really well. He threw down an amazing run top to bottom. He executed what he said he was going to do in terms of line. It was aggressive and was fantastic execution. He tucked in places that he hasn't been tucking, so his downhill form and comfort is coming back and it's great to see him execute on the race."

"Skiing in front of the home crowd and having his family here brought the level of intensity up today that nobody was able to match."

"We had four guys in the points, which was really nice to see, but at the same time, they skied better than where they finished. I was really proud of Andrew Weibrecht, who skied amazing on the top pitch. The guys showed some moments of brilliance, but didn't quite put it all together. However, I'm excited to see that progress is being made. They just need to find that level of execution from top to bottom."

"Our serviceman, Tschunti, did an amazing job. Bode had fast skis, especially through the top flats. Tschunti's been doing this a long long time and today was his first downhill win as a serviceman – he's won in all other disciplines but not downhill, so big congrats and great job by Head and his team."

"Also I was really impressed with our coaches today. With the course reports and level of execution kept things positive and going in the right way."   

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