Freestyle Programs

Freestyle Coaches Certifications

Coaching Certification levels:

Level 1 Aerials or Level 100 moguls coach may coach upright maneuvers and rotational maneuvers of 1080 or less (this does not include off axis jumps).

Level 2 Aerials or Level 200 moguls coach may qualify upright and off axis aerial maneuvers. rotational maneuvers of more than 1080 and single somersaults (including single twists and all loops).

Level 3 Aerials coach may qualify single flips with more than one twist and standard off axis jumps over 1080 (but not including double off axis such as off axis 720 to back flip, double rodeo, Misty 540 to back flip, etc.) (also minimum level to be a USSA designated on snow qualifier).

Level 4 Aerials coach may qualify double somersaults (including twists) and double off axis jumps.

Level 5 is unlimited.

(Note that Level 200 mogul certification requires Level 2 aerial certification as a prerequisite.)

Changes proposed from previous system:

  • Eliminating the invert designation in aerials since only invert clinics and education are now offered.
  • Requiring Level 2 aerial certification as a prerequisite for Level 2 moguls – single inverts are now common in moguls and the Level 2 aerial certification is needed to coach them, adding years of coaching requirement.
  • Adding additional intermediate level to eerials for multiple twisting jumps.



Contact the USSA Sport Education Department at 435.647.2050 or Our mailing address is PO Box 100, Park City, UT 84060.

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