Professional, fun and energetic coaches are the USSA's greatest asset. The USSA Sport Education Department delivers high quality education programs at all levels of the pipeline for coaches of skiing and snowboarding in the United States. Our philosophy, based on the USSA Training Systems, is to coach athletes to become great skiers first, with a broad fundamental skill base and a love for their sport.  Only then can they develop into great competitors for the long run. With this long-term development focus, USSA recognizes that it takes the leadership of quality coaches at each level of the training system for athletes to reach their full potential in sport and in life.

Each year, USSA recognizes coaches for outstanding achievement and contribution at the domestic and international level. See award recipients here.

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Coaches Lead Athletes

Coaches guide athletes through their careers, using the USSA Training Systems to progress from basics to big tricks.

Center of Excellence
The Center of Excellence in Park City, UT, is a national training and education center providing world-class facilities and educational resources for the USSA's athletes, coaches, clubs and others.

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Get Involved

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Child Protection

Help raise awareness about misconduct in sport and promote open dialogue. Together we can build a game plan to make sport safe—for everyone.