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According to USSA Executive Vice President, Athletics, Luke Bodensteiner’s address at the 2013 Club Excellence Conference, culture is a set of shared standards and beliefs that drives decision-making in an organization.

Through Club Development the USSA is committed to partnering with USSA clubs to provide the optimal athlete development experience guided by the following principles:

  • Clear, consistent approaches to long-term athlete development at all phases
  • Providing optimal coaching at all levels
  • Measuring club performance against consistent standards
  • Fun, safe and satisfying development experience, with opportunity to reach full potential
  • A balanced approach to character development and athletic performance
  • Shared culture across all USSA clubs

Fostering the appropriate culture in your club is what ties us all together: athletes, coaches, volunteers, parents, communities, regions, the USSA and individual clubs. It will help define expectations and success at all levels, and keep us all focused on what’s important.

According to a survey of almost 800 coaches, club leaders and administrators the current priorities of USSA clubs is to:

  1. Provide a positive experience (fun, friendships, learning, life-long enjoyment of sport)
  2. Help kids develop strong values and self confidence while also acquiring specific skills
  3. Deliver high-quality coaching

Further, this survey indicated that the vast majority of USSA clubs are aligned with USSA’s vision and shared culture even though relatively few clubs focus on developing elite athletes.

Parents surveyed indicate that they want the following from USSA clubs:

  1. A healthy lifestyle for their children
  2. Development of mental aspects of performance
  3. Fundamental skill development
  4. Long-term athlete development

With all this in mind USSA clubs are tasked with providing a balanced approach to character development and athletic performance, as that is the shared culture as stated by the USSA, clubs, club leaders, parents and the athletes.

Below are resources and information about best practices that will help USSA clubs meet these principles. For more in-depth access to these types of resources, as well as direct support, forums with other club leaders, resource sharing, potential deployment of Club Expert Consultants and other opportunities for developing your club, see USSA Club Certification.

RESOURCE Club Excellence Workshop recording - Fostering Club Culture

RESOURCE Best in the World - What does it Mean for Clubs? - Presented by Bob Devaney at the 2014 Club Excellence Conference

RESOURCE  Getting Parent Buy-In for LTAD - Presented by Jon Nolting at the 2014 Club Excellence Conference

RESOURCE ► Parent and Club Orientation - Presented by Dave Galusha at the 2014 Club Excellence Conference

RESOURCE ► Character Development, Values and Life Lessons

RESOURCE Strategies for Clubs - Roles and Responsibilities

RESOURCE Strategies for ParentsRoles and Responsibilities

RESOURCE Strategies for Coaches - Roles and Responsibilities

RESOURCE Parent Questionnaire

RESOURCE Parenting Resources

RESOURCE ► Successful Sports Parenting CD 

RESOURCE Club Orientation 

RESOURCE Example Code of Conduct Other Example Code of Conduct Coaches Code of Conduct

RESOURCE Conflict Resolution  USSA Guidelines for Mediation

RESOURCE Nondiscrimination

RESOURCE Athlete Career and Education

RESOURCE Awards and Recognition USSA Awards Manual

RESOURCE Athlete Rights 

RESOURCE Athlete Retention

RESOURCE Performance vs. Results

RESOURCE Peak Performance for Parents



Principles of Club Culture

USSA Club Development Manager, Brian Krill, and Luke Bodensteiner, USSA Vice President of Athletics, introduce the principles of USSA Club Culture.

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