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U23 World Championships

The U23 World Championships bring together some of the best under 23 cross country athletes in the world. The event is generally held in conjuction with the World Junior Championships. The 2014 U23 Championships will be held in Val di Fiemme, Italy, site of last season's FIS Nordic Ski World Championships.

Val di Fiemme
Jan. 29-Feb. 3, 2014
Competition Schedule and Results  

2014 U23 World Championships Selection Criteria

Eligibility for Consideration
The USSA will consider for selection only those USSA members in good standing who have a valid U.S. passport, a valid FIS license and who meet FIS minimum eligibility standards.  
Criteria Guidelines
  • This criteria is for the year of 2014 only.  Criteria will be reevaluated in May 2014 at the spring congress and changes may be made for the 2015 selection year.
  • USSA policy mandates that team selection criteria shall be principally objective (or performance-based), that coaches’ discretion must be limited to no more than twenty-five percent (25%) of total team selected, and that available start rights and team spots will not necessarily be filled.
  • The USSA Development Coach is responsible for applying the selection criteria set forth herein, subject to the approval of the EVP, Athletics of USSA.
  • Up to six (6) athletes per gender shall be selected to the team based solely upon their World Cup competition results during the objective selection period.  
  • Up to four (4) male and four (4) female athletes may start for the United States in each event.
  • The team selected by USSA may consist of any number of athletes up to the quota set by the International Ski Federation (FIS).
  • Objective selections shall be based on the results achieved by in FIS Competitions held January 9 through December 31, 2013 and U.S. Championship competitions held between January 4-10, 2014 (the “objective selection period”).  Technique, distances, and dates are subject to change within the U.S. Championships competition schedule. 
  • Discretionary selections, if any, may be based on a variety of factors, including competitions conducted outside of the selection period.
  • Team status does not include funding from the USSA.
General Criteria
Athletes finishing in the top-30 of an individual World Cup event shall be selected to the team, unless application of this criterion would result in a total of more than six (6) selections per gender, in which case USSA shall use the following tie-breaking mechanisms in order:
  • Most World Cup points.
  • Lowest current USSA National Ranking List overall points.
Up to two (2) athletes per gender shall be selected to the team based solely upon their FIS competition results (FIS points) held during the objective selection period.  Male athletes achieving (2) FIS point results under 30 FIS points and female athletes achieving (2) FIS point results under 30 FIS points in any FIS race between January 9 and December 31, 2013. 
The following tie-breaking mechanisms in order:   
  • Most World Cup points
  • Best FIS points in a FIS competition specified by the objective selection period
  • Second best FIS points in a FIS competition specified by the objective selection period
  • Third best FIS points in a FIS competition specified by the objective selection period
If fewer than five (5) athletes per gender are selected to the team based upon both the objective criteria listed above and coaches’ discretion, then USSA shall ensure that it fields a representative team by selecting as many additional athletes as may be necessary to bring the total team size up to, but not limited to, five (5) athletes per gender based on an athlete’s best two individual U.S. Cross Country Championship races during the selection period, as indicated above, using the World Cup scoring system outlined in the USSA Competition Guide.  The tie-breaking procedure is also outlined in the USSA Nordic Competition Guide.
Discretionary Selection Policy
The number of individuals selected through coaches’ discretion cannot exceed 25% of the total named team.  If the coaching staff fills any available spots on the team using discretion, then the staff may consider any factors including (but not limited to) the following:
  • Outstanding competition results (including any results achieved outside of the selection period).
  • Recent direction or trend in competition results (i.e., improving, flat, or declining).
  • Attitude and commitment of athletes.
  • Physical fitness level.
  • Illness or injury during the selection period.
  • •ndicia of medal potential in future Olympic or World Championship competition, which would be materially enhanced by selection to team.
  • Other unanticipated failure of objective criteria to select an athlete likely to achieve competition results consistent with USSA program goals for the U-23 Championships.
Injury Clause
An athlete shall be ineligible for consideration for team selection or start rights if he/she is not fit to compete at the time selections are made due to any injury or illness from which he/she is not expected to recover adequately by the time of the 2014 U23 Championships.


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