Rocky Mountain Division Handbook

RMD Handbook

Rocky Mountain Division rules are posted through out the RMD website.  If you have a questions you can't find an answer to, please contact Darlene Nolting -

2015 YSL Guidelines


Entry Fees and Head Tax for RMD/USSA sanctioned Races

The Rocky Mountain Division of USSA recognizes the USSA's on-line registration system as the preferred method of registration for alpine race entries calendared by the RMD. Notification of registration type/procedure will be given by the host ROC as part of the information included on each events "fact sheet".

USSA non-scored - $21 per day
USSA non-scored Training fee - $21 per day
USSA non-scored late fee $25 per event
FIS and USSA scored Tech Event - $35 Per day
FIS and USSA scored Speed Event - $40 Per day
FIS and USSA scored Speed Training Event - $21 Per day
FIS and USSA scored Super Combined - $59 Per day
FIS and USSA scored late fee - $25 Per day

Head Tax

Head tax is determined per the number of athletes that start in an event.
USSA non-scored = $0
USSA and FIS scored = $10

RMD non-scored, except SG per race = $1.50 and SG = $3 per race
RMD USSA and FIS scored = $5

RMD Refund Policy for USSA scored and non-scored races

    1. Entry / Registration / Confirmation
      1. Individual entry must be made online (USSA) and due 48 hours in advance of draw. A $25 late fee is applicable after deadline
      2. Contact race administrator to withdraw from competition prior to draw as outlined in the announcement
    2. Competitors Master list should be available on USSA LiveTiming 24 hours prior to draw for COMPLETED/PAID ENTRIES.  
    3. Refunds; must be requested from the organizer before the completition of the event.
      1. Race cancellation (day of) = refunds will be issued in the amount of the USSA and RMD head tax that was to be paid.
      2. Pulls prior to draw = 100%;
      3. Illness/Injury DNS = 50% (of total entry fee);
      4. DNS = 0%




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