Central Division Governance

Central Division Alpine Sport Committee

The Central Division Alpine Sport Committee (CASC) provides overall policy guidance to the alpine program.  The committee meets at least twice annually.  Each region is represented by at least one professional working coach and one athlete.   Volunteers, coaches, or athletes interested in being appointed to the CASC should work through their regional committees.  The CASC Chairman is named based on the nomination and vote of the CASC committee.  The CASC members are:

Chairman: Tom Barnes
Vice Chairman: Forrest Gibson
Treasurer:   Tom Barnes
Region 1:  Dan Donovan, Jeff Dekko, Tony Olin, Jake Lund
Region 2: John Manderfield, Eric Gee, Sydney Koop, Jonathan Manderfield
Region 3: Don Stellin, Joe Kosik, Dan Janowiak, Christian Stellin
Region 4: Peter Roberts, Duffy Carto, Jens Sutmoller, tba
Ex-officio: Dave Waller

Bill Slattery

Coaches Chair:        Joe Paul

Officials Chair:         Ted Lockwood

During the season, situations may occur which necessitate a policy decision.  In such an instance, the executive committee, consisting of one member per region and the president, will vote on policy issues.

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CASC Meetings

The 2016 CASC Fall meeting will be in Chicago - check calendar page for more information

Please see meeting information on the Calendar page in the google calendar

CASC meeting documents may be found here



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