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Eastern Fall Festival - October 22, 2016






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Who?: All USSA Members- Athletes, coaches, parents.

What?: Eastern Alpine Festival Day and EACC Meetings

When?: Saturday October 22  (Festival Day), Sunday October 23 (EACC Meetings)

Where?: Killington  - Killington, VT. Exact location(s) TBD.

Why?: Ski racing, athletic development, socializing, professional interaction. Fun!

Some great presentation topics slated  for this event- 

·         Gold medal performance and building an integrated athletic support team

·         Mindset, the power of confidence and mental training for peak performance on race day

·         Functional movement assessment and strength training for  the key movements in skiing

·         Best practices and ABC's of building a successful training project

·         Utilizing terrain and hill space at your mountain to maximize training volume and                 concentration of time on snow

·         Chasing the ski racing dream and balancing an education for the future

·         USSA's Development Pathway and Plan 

·         Physical conditioning stations, demonstrations and physical education/literacy                development*

·         Equipment suppliers and vendors**

*Primarily for attending athletes.

**If you are a equipment supplier or vendor and you would like to be at this event-  please contact Martin Guyer (

Stay tuned for more info regarding RSVP, exact locations and detailed schedule.


Presentations from Fall Festival 2014

     Finding USSA Resources - Click here to see the presentation.

                                     Eric Harlow – USSA,  Former Eastern Region Development Director

 Setting up a Training Environment                                      

                                    Stever Bartlett – Head Alpine Coach, Middlebury College

  Course Setting: Adding Variety and Challenge

                                   Mike Morin – Program Director, Stratton Mountain School

  Functional Ankle Strength in Alpine Skiing

                                   Mike Kenney, USST World Cup Men’s Kombi Coach



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