Staying Healthy

There is nothing more frustrating for an athlete (or parent) than getting sick at the “wrong time”.  By following some simple guidelines, athletes can reduce the risk of spending the day in bed instead of on the mountain.


Eating the right food is crucial to athlete performance.  Without the right fuel, athletes cannot perform to their full potential, and are at greater risk of being susceptible to sickness.  Here are some fact sheets  produced by the Sports Science Department at USSA, to help your athlete make wise choices:  Post Workout Nutrition   Nutrition for the Travelling Athlete

Dehydration also reduces athlete performance and causes headaches and fatigue. Athletes should never show up to training or racing without a water bottle.  The following fact sheet will give you a  good understanding of how much your athlete needs to drink to maintain performance and good health:   How much do you sweat?   Hydration



Good hygiene is always a critical factor in staying healthy, particularly when travelling.  The simplest measure athletes can take to avoid getting sick is to wash hands frequently, and if flying, stay hydrated.  Vitamin supplements are a matter of personal preference, but can also be a good support to a tired athlete's immune system.  The following fact sheet has some good tips for the travelling athlete:  Minimizing the effects of Jetlag



Getting enough sleep is often overlooked in the excitement of travelling as a team, getting that first taste of independence.  Without proper rest and regeneration before training or racing, an athlete is at greater risk of injury and less likely to perform to his or her potential. Ski racing is a physically demanding activity, which requires plenty of rest time.  Resting for Performance



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