Camel Jump in Wave Track

ATS Phase 6 | Girls Ages 16+, Boys Ages 17+ | 10+ years skiing

Objective: To use the upslope of one wave to jump and clear the following wave at the end of a wave track.

Primary Skill: Pressure

Justification: When rolls in a race course become more of demand than can be absorbed (or to create a faster line) it is advantageous to skip the trough between the two (or more) rolls.

Slope: Beginner slope.

Set-up: Waves are constructed one meter high when measured from the bottom of the trough to the apex of the roll. Waves are perpendicular to the fall-line and spaced 12 meters apart. It is recommended to fill in the trough of the final wave. Width is one to two snow cat grooming widths or about 5-10 meters.



  • The skier enters the wave track at GS speed
  • Skier maintains straight run while maintaining ski/snow contact and a tuck position through the waves leading up to the camel feature
  • Skier uses the upslope of the camel feature along with any extra push-off that is needed based on their speed to jump and clear the gap, landing on the backside of the next wave

Criteria for Perfect Execution:

  • The skier's upper body remains at the same relative elevation above the horizon that is consistent with the pitch of the hill in a high tuck while the lower body absorbs the rolls and maintains or increases pressure on the downside of the rolls leading up to the camel feature
  • Skis remain flat against the snow and run straight in fall-line with even pressure between left and right leading up to camel feature
  • Jump takeoff is from both feet evenly
  • Skis roll forward in the air to match the landing slope of the final roll
  • Landing occurs on the backside of the final roll
  • Landing with both feet simultaneously, skis contact snow all at once (not tip or tail first)
  • Skier adjusts fore/aft pressure to increase speed


Camel Jump in Wave Track Demonstration

View the proper execution of a camel jump in a wave track.

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